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Post  3Dfox on Fri Jun 24, 2011 10:21 am

I know all who reg on l2max get mail with info about new server:

We made our final decisions about several things.
The rates we decided are
* EXP: 22x
* XP: 22x
* Adena: 22x
* Drop rate: 15x
* Spoil rate: 15x
* Basic mats drop/spoil quantity: 3x
* Quest XP/SP/Adena: 22x (Some quest exceptions)

- Mats = coals, charcoals, threads, animal bones, leather, etc.

* Several quest drop rate/count rates will be edited (More info about this later on)
* 5min songs/dances and 20min normal buffs, greater buffs remain the same
* Quest adena/xp/sp rate will be the same as normal rates
* Quest drop rate / quest item quantity stay the same
* Shyla NPC: EXP Decreaser/Gambler
* Shyla NPC: Buy 2nd class transfer marks
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