L2:Max - Taking Lineage To The Max!

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L2:Max - Taking Lineage To The Max!

Post  3Dfox on Fri May 24, 2013 6:50 am

Welcome L2Max community and everyone else,

As you know, L2Max has had its difficulties in the past. There is no denying that mistakes were made and a lot of them were not taken account for. Recent couple of years L2Max has brought you everything from Interlude to Freya. The amount of players was always averaging out at 800-1000, so a lot of you may think that the community wasn’t that massive. However, the community in itself was one of the greatest communities on the private L2 scene. Even if the population was low there was always something to fight for, something to strive for and something to farm for. You could point at a few large L2 servers with population soaring at 2-3k players and above yet there is nothing going on aside from PvE. L2Max drama is one of a kind which enabled and still enables this community to be the best. Personal vendettas, clan rhetoric and known and hated names on the battlefield has given this community the ability to always enjoy L2Max, no matter how bad it got. L2Max community has proven to be the strongest L2 community around with probably the highest number of loyal members around.

We are announcing today that L2Max might be down, but it’s not out yet. We’re bringing you a new and hopefully the final and unmatched L2Max Hellbound. We will be using an L2j-L2OFF hybrid. It will allow ease of development and provide the stability everyone craves. We took into consideration the number of servers that are around. What most people want to play and we agreed that reaching a midway point is the best choice. The outside community is mostly split between Interlude and Gracia Final. We decided that Interlude does not have enough things to do and the lifespan of the server would be the same as it was during the last few attempts at it. However, as oldschool players ourselves we realise that Gracia Final is taking it too far and is taking a lot of “L2 out of the L2”. Hellbound combines both chronicles pretty well and actually brings a brilliant balance with it. It provides a longer lifespan for the server and doesn’t turn it into something that L2 isn’t.

The rates are yet to be decided but they will be Mid/Low rates. For now I could give you estimates. Also have in mind that Hellbound does not have a Vitality system, it only became active in Gracia pt1.

XP: 10-20x
SP: 10-20x
Drop: 5-10x
Drop amount: 1-2x, 1-3x
Spoil: 5-10x
Spoil amount: 1-2x, 1-3x
Raid drop: 2-5x
Quest drop: 1-5x (Custom, not all quests will be boosted or boosted evenly)
Quest reward: 3-10x (Custom, not all quests will be boosted or boosted evenly)

At the moment there is no live date. More specific news will come on the first week of June. So spread the word, L2Max is rising from the ashes and shambles once again. And it will be big.
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